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Accommodations For Your Greece Vacation

By ARISTO BHARATA - November 29, 2022
Accommodations for Your Greece Vacation


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Greece has an ancient culture that extends on extensive coastlines and islands. This country is mountainous, with wealth and diversity of the Greek seas. Its charming Greek islands and coasts provide great vacation places. A Greece vacation is a great experience and adventure.

So whenever you choose to stay in Greece for a vacation, there are several great places to stay. After a day of sightseeing and different activities, surely tourists would like to come home to a very homely and comfortable accommodations.

There are several hotels that would be great places to stay. Hotels in Athens have world class choices. King George Palace was a legend since 1936. the classical King George Palace has been home to kings, princes, presidents and Athenians alike. It has been ranked among the top 100 European hotels.

Grande Bretagne Hotel has been representing the essence of hospitality in Greece for more than 134 years. This hotel was the host too the world sports occasion of the Olympic games that took place in the country of its origin in 2004. For all guests the Hotel offers a special treat with the impressive spa area, designed to relax and refresh body and spirit.

Hotels in Athens provide spectacular view to Acropolis and its beautiful sites. If you feel to stay near the sea and the coast, then Mykonos would be the place to go. When in Mykonos, you can experience a luxurious vacation by staying in the Cavo Tagoo hotel. This hotel is built on a Cliffside and located only a few meters away from the town center.

Another unique resort in Mykonos, would be the Kivotos Club Hotel. It has been built respecting the environment and traditions of the Mykonos and is located in the magnificent Bay of Omos. They have five swimming pools, a private beach with water sports facilities, perfectly equipped fitness and health club, squash court and a play room.

The Myconoian Ambassador Hotel and Myconian Imperial hotel are some of the wonderful and romantic jet-set destinations in the world. It has private beaches and their rooms have balconies providing spectacular and romantic view of he ocean.

The oldest and most simple form of residence in the Aegean is called cave houses. They are traditional buildings which are found inside the rocks with a domelike roof, narrow fa├žade, and narrow but long spaces inside. Santorini, another beautiful place in Greece is known for its cave houses and people from all over the world.

Cave houses have been transformed into hotel rooms, and a lot of tourists have been visiting Santorini to stay in these famous cave houses. According to the tradition, the cave houses were created by ship crews in order to survive and have a place of residence inside them despite the steepness of the cliff. Some others say that some cave houses were also used as stables for mules and other animals.

Cave houses re divided into two parts. The front part which is the kitchen and living room. The second part is the bedroom which is at the back. The two areas are separated by a wall with openings to let the air and light to enter the back of the cave. Another certain technique that the Santorinian people still use today in house building is applying mud on the walls along with some small part of red rocks that are added for the reinforcement of the mixture.

Your choice of accommodations and places to stay during your Greece vacation will make everything worthwhile and picture perfect.

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